today in history class this kid said something about how women belong in the kitchen and my teacher freaked out and he made all the girls in the class write down “at 1:04pm on wednesday november 7th 2012, nick has been blacklisted” and now we’re not allowed to talk to the kid until he comes into class with the 17 apology letters that he’s being forced to write to every girl in the class

i love my history teacher

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Aren’t these gorgeous? Cassandra Jean and I got talking about the language of flowers and how every flower has a meaning. She’s started drawing each character with flowers I’ve picked to represent them — here’s Clary with violets, Jocelyn with day lilies, and Sebastian with monkshood.

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writing tip #807:


adverbs? no: add verbs. add as many verbs as you like to create the perfect description of any required action. add so many verbs that your story transcends to a higher state and becomes a verb itself

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Short Hair: Douchebags Beware!

Here it is… my latest video, all about

  • body positivity,
  • body/hair love,
  • my hair is not your problem
  • douchebaggery
  • sexual orientation and hair length having NO CORRELATION!!

I really hope you enjoy. Please feel free to spread the word, reblog, let me know what you think and let’s educate the douchebags of the world together!!!

(It also features some pretty steamy Emma Watson chat up lines!!!)


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